Digital Storm Vanquish II review

This mid-powered gaming PC is ready to play

Digital Storm Vanquish II review

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The Vanquish II succeeds in almost everything it set out to do. It's fast, powerful and, considering its components, fairly cheap. It's got the edge on most mid-core sets, and thanks to some great perks, you can buy it without remorse. That said, the board could've been more adaptable to changing technology and the storage options aren't ideal right out of the box.

We liked

At its fourth-level, "Ultimate" configuration, it's easy to admire the Vanquish II. Upgraded fans work hand-in-hand with the Haswell chip to make for one cool machine. And the 120GB SSD, though tiny, provides enough room for a handful of your favorite games.

This system is extremely well-rounded. Though it may not be the runaway victor in the race of the lowest-cost machine you can build, its value-added perks like a four-year warranty and infinite tech support more than make up for the extra cost.

Another plus is that the configuration options here are as broad as they come. And if you have money to make it rain on a box of silicon, then premium, top-tier gaming PCs – like the Falcon Northwest Tiki – are only a click away.

We disliked

Unfortunately, no matter which option you decide to go with, the stringent motherboard will be a thorn in your side. There's not much you can do to add to the setup without additional PCIe slots. And while 8GB is plenty of memory for most programs today, it might not hold over the next two to three years.

It's also a bit too bulky to bring with you everywhere you go. It'll fit just fine inside, say, a college dorm, but if you're looking for a rig to constantly take to LAN parties or a friend's house, the Vanquish II isn't it. And while I liked the overall simplicity of the case, this is a far cry from the eye-catching, Blade Runner-esque systems that pervade PC message boards.

Final verdict

This is a value-priced gaming PC, and the performance suggests as much. The components can handle most intense tasks without suffering from severe slow-down, and most games on medium settings will play buttery-smooth.

Battle-hardened PC builders could easily create a box with better specs for less than the $1,259 ticket for entry, but what about gamers that don't know their way around a chassis? Throw in a four-year warranty and lifetime technical support, and the Vanquish II becomes one mid-range boutique gaming PC to beat.

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