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Cyberpower Gamer Ultra 930 review

A budget quad-core Phenom rig? You must be joking! Oh, you are joking…

This system has a certain amount of potential, but its graphics card drags it down

Our Verdict

Cyberpower’s Ultra 930 shows potential, but is fatally flawed in its choice of graphics card


  • Quad Core Phenom
  • A great value full system


  • Poor choice of graphics card
  • Small hard drive

Two months ago, we experienced a miracle, as if God himself had let a PC descend from the heavens like a dual-core Angel Gabriel.

It was the CyberPower Infinty 850, a sub-£550 gaming rig that would run Crysis out of the box. Amen.

Would Cyberpower be able to pull off such a marvel again? In a word, no. Cyberpower's latest, the Gamer Ultra 930, limps in like the 850's unfortunately deformed brother; the one from who the 850 stole the best genes.

Let down by its graphics card

On the first day, God said "Let there be light". And there was light - the same 19-inch flatscreen that shipped with the 850. And he saw that it was good. On the second day, God said, "Let there be peripherals". And there were peripherals - a solid Logitech keyboard and mouse.

On the third day, God said, "let there be a Quad core 2.2GHz Phenom processor and two gigs of RAM." And there was the Phenom and two gigabytes of RAM. And on the fourth day God said, "Sod it, I've had enough." and got sidetracked playing with molluscs.

Thusly, God forgot to install a decent graphics card, plumping for ATi's 3650 over 850's excellent 9600GT. Therefore, with angels and archangels, and all the company of heaven, the latest Cyberpower rig is just not as good as the 850.

3DMark06 limped in with less than half the score we saw the Infinity 850 pump out. Crysis ran jerkily with medium graphics settings, before giving up on the system and grinding to a halt, and World in Conflict's results were less than impressive.

Inferior budget system

It's a shame because the Phenom has a certain amount of potential, but teaming it with this graphics card drags the whole system down so far it's in danger of plummeting into Hades itself. The one criticism of the 850 - the small 160GB hard disk - is also present here.

If you really want to show your support for AMD and pick up the Gamer Ultra 930, for the sake of all that is holy ditch the graphics card and get a 3870 or X2 and bung in a bigger hard disk while you're at it.

If you're after a budget rig (and let's face it, who doesn't like a bargain?), we can't recommend this machine. It's older brother, the Infinity 850 is still our gaming-on-a-budget star performer.