Coolermaster V10 review

Is this industrial-strength PC cooler worth investing in?

Cooler Master V10
The Cooler Master V10 is a serious bit of kit

TechRadar Verdict

An impressive bit of engineering that fails to do its job well enough.


  • +

    Effective cooling


  • -

    Very large, causes install issues

  • -

    Outclassed by similar priced units

  • -

    Too noisy for the levels of cooling

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Tremble, heat; quiver, thermal design power; cower, mere mortal air coolers – you've all met your match in the Coolermaster V10.

This monster air cooler delivers a phenomenal specification and proportions.

Measuring 24cm long and 16cm high this is a beast, but for good reason – it's packing two 120mm fans, three heatsink arrays, ten heatpipes and there's even a hybrid "TEC" heat pump buried inside there as well. It also uses a solid copper cooling block and has a universal mounting bracket.

Alongside the usual four-pin fan connector there's an additional four-pin Molex to power the "TEC" system, which draws up to 70w of power.

This impressive contraption offers over 200 watts of cooling and is shifting up to 90CFM of air.

It mounts on the motherboard with one heatsink and fan array covering the DIMM slots.

There is enough clearance for even extra-high memory to fit, but only just, and you may find the unit is actually resting on the DIMMs.