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ViewSonic VX2255wmh review

Resplendent in glossy white, the Viewsonic has substance to go with the style

ViewSonic VX2255wmh
The white theme may appeal to fans of the iPod – there are one or two around...

Our Verdict

Backlight issues aside, a stylish panel


  • Well built
  • Looks good
  • Strong colours


  • Some backlight bleed

Of all the features to be impressed by, an exceptionally smooth rotation mechanism doesn't, perhaps, rank very highly in terms of excitement.

However, the ease with which the ViewSonic's stand swivelled the screen around was worthy of note. In fact, the whole unit has a real feel of quality to it.

Quality build

It may not be to everyone's tastes (we suspect it's meant to capture the interest of the Apple crowd) but we found the VX2255wmh's glossy white finish pretty attractive.

Having said this, a thin silver height-adjustment catch on the monitor's stand looks rather out of place. The presence of this catch in the first place, however, makes up for the fact that it doesn't quite fit in with the glossy white colour scheme.

Offering 80mm of height adjustment, as well as the aforementioned base rotation and sturdy angle adjustment, the VX2255wmh is also a flexible display.

Backlight issues

Like the PG221 and 225UW, the ViewSonic sports a built-in Web cam that produces a good picture.

However, because it's non-rotatable and only 1.3 megapixels, it's slightly less impressive than its rivals' efforts.

A noticeable amount of backlight bleeding also does little to raise the monitor visual performance above its competitors.

A well-considered monitor

Despite its backlight problems, the WX2255wmh managed a good show in our colour tests.

Instances of attention to detail such as an OSD message informing you that you're running at a non-native resolution and white video, together with USB cables to match the display, help to put the monitor forward as a well thought-out display unit.