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Samsung SyncMaster F2080 review

A quality PVA monitor at under £200 is almost too good to resist

Samsung SyncMaster F2080
The Samsung SyncMaster F2080 is one of the first PVA monitors to sneak below the £200 barrier

Our Verdict

A quality PVA panel that is made all the more sweet when you look at the price tag


  • PVA panel
  • Cheap considering the price of some others


  • Odd resolution

Here we have the quite lovely Samsung SyncMaster F2080 PVA screen here for a heap under £200. So what's not to like?

If you've been used to TN panels and put off by the expense and slower response rate of PVA screens then you can forget it.

The 8ms response time of the F2080 is more than enough for your general gaming needs and the colour reproduction is good enough for all but the most professional of professional image manipulators.

Granted £170 is still a fair amount for a 20-inch display when you can pick up far cheaper 22-inch panels, but the added picture and colour clarity of the PVA screens makes up for it.

At 1,600 x 900 it might seem a little squashed down too, but that is a minor issue. It's a pro monitor to suit an amateur budget.

The simple, functional styling fits in with that; from the plain black bezel to the huge vertical range of the industrial-looking stand.

If you're after a quality PVA panel for a reasonable price then look no further.

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