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NEC Multisync 20WGX2 review

20 inches of glossy gaming goodness

This is absolutely one of the finest 20in monitors on the market today

Our Verdict

Overall this monitor is a supremely good performer that won't waste your hard earned cash


  • Top notch colour accuracy

    Viewing angles


  • Reflectivity

Are glossy screen surfaces a dying fad? 18 months ago, glossy panels were popping up all over the shop. Today, this NEC example is one of only two glossy monitors that has really caught our eyes.

Largely, that's thanks to the excessive reflectivity such screens suffer from. In brightly lit environments, that can be rather tedious.

Despite that, this is almost definitely the finest 20-inch widescreen multimedia monitor on the market. Equipped with an advanced IPS screen, the 20WGX2 combines top notch colour accuracy, impeccable viewing angles and excellent black tone rendering with the eye popping sharpness, clarity, contrast and vividness that only a glossy panel can produce. Consequently, it beats many other monitors when it comes to graphics and video.