LG W2363V review

A good value monitor but one with too many gimmicks to be considered great

LG W2363V
This monitor has plenty of inputs, so you won't struggle hooking up all your kit

TechRadar Verdict


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    Nice design

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    Decent picture

  • +

    Good number of inputs

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  • -

    Touch controls

  • -

    Tru-Light is too distracting

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You would have no trouble believing that the LG W2363V could have come from a design team such as Bang & Olufsen. The shiny-white oval base matches the smart white bezel, with a black bar across the bottom of the screen providing some visual contrast.

The ports and connectors are arranged vertically on the rear with DVI-D, VGA, RCA audio and Component, plus a mini jack for audio in, along with a mains power connector. On the left side of the screen there are two HDMI connectors above a headphone jack, so you have plenty of scope for connecting a DVD player, a TV set-top box and a games console.

While we hoped that the black bar might house a pair of punchy speakers, this is not the case. In fact, the headphone jack merely acts as a pass through for HDMI audio, while the black bar accommodates a series of lights for a gadget called Tru-light which is triggered by the audio signal that is fed to the display.

There's a rocker control to the right-hand side of the screen which controls the pattern of the lights 'to maximise the sensation of the entertainment experience'; however, the three settings are all much of a muchness. Thankfully, one of the options allows you to disable this affront to good taste.

There are other annoyances. The auto-detect seems reluctant to select the picture input, so you may have to fiddle with the OSD to make the screen come to life. This was especially vexing because the touch controls are tricky to use and the functions of each button unclear.

The LG display follows the current trend and combines basic TN panel technology with LED backlights. Despite this apparent lack of originality, we were impressed by the quality of the picture and found that the image really packed a visual punch.

LG has delivered a decent display at a low price, but it could have been so much better if they had dispensed with all the gimmicks.

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