Michael Kors Access Sofie review

A real fashion statement

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The Michael Kors Access Sofie is one of the more glitzy and fashionable smartwatches out there.

Suitably eye catching, it's not going to be to everyone's taste, but there's no denying that it looks expensive. 

It lacks a few key features though, making it more suited to fashion fans than fitness fiends or tech obsessives. Read on for our final verdict.

Who's this for?

Blatantly for fashionistas, it can't be overstated just how eye-catching the Michael Kors Access Sofie is. This isn't a subtle watch by any means.

Clearly much more of a fashion-oriented wearable than a fitness one, this is a watch for the woman who wants her wearables to look as great as her other accessories. It's just asking to be teamed up with a classy necklace or glamorous handbag.

Just bear in mind that this isn't a great smartwatch for features. It covers the core bases, but in a way that a watch half the price could also offer. If you want to be untethered from your phone, enjoy GPS tracking or heart rate monitoring, this isn't the wearable for you.

Should you buy it?

If you're after a talking point wearable, the Michael Kors Access Sofie is the fashion smartwatch to get. There are certainly more feature-rich devices out there, and smartwatches that offer the same features for less (like the Fossil Q Venture), but this is something a little different from the rest.

It's as glamorous looking as a 'regular' watch but with the added bonus of some lightweight smart features.

For those that want to embrace technology without sacrificing looks, this is the smartwatch to go for. Even more so if you can find it at a reduced price at a third-party retailer.

First reviewed: August 2018

There are lots of alternative options, such as the following three smartwatches:

Fossil Q Venture

Features-wise, the Michael Kors Access Sofie and Fossil Q Venture are on a par, utilizing the same OS and largely the same hardware. There's hardly any difference besides a couple of themed apps that each have their own simple pros and cons.

The Fossil Q Venture has the edge in price, being a lot cheaper than the Sofie, but in terms of style and noticeable quality, it's the Sofie that runs away with things. If you're looking for something a little more rugged (but not fitness orientated) or something subtler, the Fossil Q Venture is the better option.

Apple Watch 3

The Apple Watch 3 lacks the style and panache of the Michael Kors Access Sofie, but it does offer many more features. A heart rate sensor, GPS and waterproofing makes it a far more practical offering for the more active wearable owner.

There's also the fact that iPhones work best with Apple Watches, so if you're an iPhone owner this is a no brainer of a choice. Don't expect this to look anywhere near as nice as the Michael Kors Access Sofie when on a night out, however.

LG Watch Style

The LG Watch Style has that effortless style that means it blends into whatever you're wearing, but if you want something that stands out from the crowd, you need the Michael Kors Access Sofie. 

Still, the LG Watch Style is significantly cheaper, and very thin and lightweight. Just don't expect it to have much of a battery life. Its 240mAh battery makes it noticeably less useful than the pricier Michael Kors Access Sofie, and that's even without its display looking as high quality as the Sofie's.

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