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Tackle billing and invoicing duties with Invoicera

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This cloud-based invoice and billing solution works well via your desktop but really comes into its own with the app edition. It’s an affordable option to boot.


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    Excellent app

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    Reasonably priced

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    Comprehensive features


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    Not a complete accounting solution

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Invoicera is a packed-to-the-hilt cloud-based billing and invoicing software platform that can also be used on the move via an app edition. It features a very clean and logically laid out interface, with a stack of great and very practical features that makes it a very well-rounded package for business owners as well as individuals working for themselves too, especially in light of the coronavirus crisis. 

It comes in various different incarnations, depending on how much you want to spend and what sort of business you run. With a free-to-use trial package on offer there’s the ability to explore its features and functionality without making a full-on commitment. Other options on this front include FreshBooks, Simplybill, Invoice Expert Lite, Paypal Invoicing and NCH Express Invoice.


Invoicera comes in various options with a free edition to start with (Image credit: Invoicera)


There’s a 15-day free trial of Invoicera available just so you can explore its potential, and there’s quite a lot to discover so this makes an ideal starting point. From there, assuming you’re sufficiently impressed, you can pick from the free starter package, that comes with limited functionality but does allow you to work with data from 3 clients, but has no staff functionality. 

For $15 per month you can move to the Pro package, with its 100 client, 1 staff, PDF protection and multi-business capabilities. Invoicera flags up its Business package as the most popular option they offer, which costs $29 a month and gives you a whopping 1000 client capability, 10 staff allowances, PDF protection and an approval process function. 

The chunky Infinite package, meanwhile, will set you back $149 per month, but allows unlimited clients, unlimited staff, batch PDF-ing and also has the built-in approval process. Suited to larger businesses, the latter edition actually seems pretty good value when you consider what it offers in terms of time-saving tools. Incidentally, if you pay yearly there is currently a 20% saving over the monthly pricing structure.


Getting Invoicera up and running takes no time at all (Image credit: Invoicera)


With its simplistic interface you could be forgiven for not expecting too much from Invoicera, but this is actually a very powerful browser-based experience. Core features include a wealth of billing options, the ability to create and manage multiple projects as well as coordinate people within your business organization, plus clients too. There’s a handy area for managing received invoices, purchase orders and estimates too. 

Rounding out the series of main menu options is a comprehensive reporting area, which can be used to produce overviews of everything from payments, expenses and keeping track of time. Invoicera has made a lot of its regularly used options available via a series of quick links within the interface that means you can speed up your workflow with ease. 

And, to make things even more straightforward, the main dashboard has one-click access for creating an invoice, creating a project and/or managing and tracking all of your expenses.


Invoicera can also be customized from top to bottom via the Settings menu (Image credit: Invoicera)


You can squeeze even more out of Invoicera by heading to the Settings area of the service. Inside here it’s possible to tweak all manner of features, with basic account and general preferences all being editable. However, it’s also possible to import clients, staff and projects from Basecamp here too, or invite others to work within the Invoicera environment. There’s a new Apps section present in the latest edition, which adds extra beef to the performance characteristics of the service. The creators of Invoicera have also factored in 3-layered security and firewall protection as part of the feature set.


Built-in templates add to the overall appeal of Invoicera (Image credit: Invoicera)

Ease of use

One of the most appealing aspects of Invoicera is its no-fuss sign-up process. Trying out the free edition entails nothing more than the generation of a user name and password. You can also sign in with the usual popular social media options. 

With a valid login you can then explore the software service, which is a task made even easier thanks to a useful set up feature that lets you populate the core aspects of your profile, such as inserting a logo, selecting a preferred currency and other basic additions. Once you’re in, the dashboard and its associated sub-menus are a pleasure to get around, with a clean cut design that doesn't hide any unwanted surprises. 

Indeed, with a series of on-screen prompts that instruct you how to carry out main functions, Invoicera is basically idiot-proof. Added to that fact is the bonus of being able to customize your templates and make use of a series of built-in keyboard shortcuts.


Speed up your Invoicera workflow with these handy keyboard shortcuts (Image credit: Invoicera)


Much like other aspects of Invoicera, the support structure that’s available is comprehensive. If you’ve got initial queries about the way the service works or how to tackle any technical quandaries then there is a whole online support hub, which is massively detailed. While you’re in this area its possible to submit a ticket, or you can even request a free demo if you’re still mulling over whether or not to invest in the paid-for version of Invoicera.


The Invoicera app is a real standout aspect of the service (Image credit: Invoicera)

Final verdict

Invoicera lets you automate your invoicing and billing needs without too much in the way of hassle and it’ll carry out quite a few other business-based tasks too. The cloud-based solution is a breeze to navigate via your web browser, but it’s also got a formidable app that works very effectively on your smartphone. 

With lots of tools for speeding up workflow, such as configuring recurring financial transactions, Invoicera cuts away lots of tedium from everyday tasks. Add in the fact that you can start using it for not much in the way of money, with a free trial too, and the way it’s possible to scale up using it as your business needs demand means it’s a fine solution. Invoicera isn’t a complete accounts solution, but it’s a powerful supplement.

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