Simplybill invoicing software review

Produce better invoices more efficiently with Simplybill

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TechRadar Verdict

This basic but powerful cloud-based invoicing package is wonderfully easy to use, feature-laden and a cheap option for businesses of all sizes.


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    Basic but potent

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    Reasonably cheap

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    Simple interface


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    No support for payment gateways

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    Mobile edition less sprightly

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Simplybill is a great way to improve the professional edge of your business, along with boosting efficiency. It’s a cheap and easy to use cloud-based software that comes packed with a raft of features all designed to help you get more results from your invoicing procedures

If you're in business and rely on timely payment then you’ll revel in the features found within Simplybill, including being able to tell whether your invoices have been received and read. Along with basic functionality, Simplybill also comes armed with lots of powerful tools, which have been added into the interface to ensure that you spend less time creating invoices and more time reaping the rewards of hopefully getting paid on time.

During the coronavirus pandemic business need to get paid on time and this software offers practical help on that front. Similar packages include FreshBooks, Invoice Expert Lite, Paypal Invoicing and NCH Express Invoice.


Simplybill has a package to suit all sorts of business requirements (Image credit: Simplybill)


You can sign up for Simplybill and try out its potential all without needing a credit card, which is as good a place as any to delve into its charms. After you’ve created an account it's then possible to explore all of the features and functions for 14 days and you can cancel at anytime if you don't feel it's for you. This subsequently moves to a free plan, which is limited to 3 invoices a month. 

However, if you like what you see and need more capacity it’s possible to choose from three different package options. Premium is the highest priced, at $25 monthly and it comes fully-loaded. It allows unlimited quotes per month, unlimited invoices per month and an unlimited number of clients are permitted too. 

Functions-wise you get built-in reminders and thank-you messages, customizable templates, email alerts, the ability to save invoices as PDFs and the creation of unbranded invoices is possible too. There’s also SSL data encryption. The Enhanced package is $15 monthly and is essentially the same except the number of invoices allowed per month is limited to 100. 

A Basic package brings up the rear, which drops the number of invoices allowed per month down to 25 and the unbranded invoices aspect is replaced. Instead, emails sent from a Basic account feature a small Simplybill tagline at the bottom.


There's a Simplybill 14-day free trial for you to experience its features first-hand (Image credit: Simplybill)


Although you might look at Simplybill and wonder if it’s actually going to be worth investing in, once you starting getting under the hood of this cloud-based software you soon discover that it has lots of potential. First and foremost, Simplybill offers lots of convenience and, because it’s cloud-based, it’s also possible to keep on top of invoicing duties no matter where you happen to be. 

It’ll also work quite happily on mobile devices too, so you can issue invoices from something like an iPad rather than being chained to a desktop computer in your office. Added functionality allows you to include tax information without fuss, you can back up all of your data with ease and Simplybill also comes nicely nailed down as it uses the latest in privacy and security protocols.


The Simplybill dashboard offers lots of functionality via a simple setup (Image credit: Simplybill)


Being a cloud-based software service means that Simplybill is generally very good at getting the job done, depending on your internet connection. The fact that there’s nothing to install and its charms can be explored via a web browser means there’s no real excess baggage either.

Ease of use

The Simplybill main dashboard area is where you’ll carry out most of your administration tasks and this is very simple to get the hang of. The overall layout is basic and functional, but powerful too and can help you get the job done in no time. 

We love the really practical built-in features including being able to tell if your invoice has been opened by someone on the receiving end of its dispatching process. You’ll also know if an invoice hasn't successfully been delivered. 

More importantly, Simplybill will let you know when payments are due or, alternatively, how long past being overdue they might be. An added bonus is using Simplybill to give you a bigger picture of how your business is performing over the year by using a set of reporting tools that are very easy to get the hang of.


Simplybill support options are available although the service is very intuitive (Image credit: Simplybill)


Although it comes with plenty of appeal, Simplybill appears to have quite humble origins, which is best witnessed when you get to the contact page of the website. Support looks to be via a basic web form, with the creator of Simplybill underlining that he will try and respond to any queries as soon as possible. It actually adds a nice personal touch to proceedings. 

The way that Simplybill is everything its name suggests means it’s unlikely you’ll have much in the way of technical issues to contact him about anyway. This is a very fuss-free service.


Depending on your package you can create as many invoices as you need (Image credit: Simplybill)

Final verdict

Simplybill is just that; super simple. It has to be one of the most basic cloud-based invoicing solutions out there. While the interface and day-to-day controls are very easy to understand and use, Simplybill gets the job done with impressive efficiency. 

Costs obviously depend on how much you use it, but the functionality is such that it's worth a few dollars a month for the added convenience that Simplybill offers when it comes to keeping tabs on which invoices are due and any that are late. 

There are other more powerful cloud-based solutions out there, many of which have more functionality and cover more elements of the business spectrum. Nevertheless, as a quick and easy option for keeping on top of your invoicing, Simplybill makes a very decent package.

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