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Tackle all of your human resources and payroll needs in one fell swoop with the power of Deel software

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Not every payroll and HR software solution is painful to get to grips with and Deel is a prime example of that because of its simplicity. There are perks to using it if you’re a smaller concern, with the cheap and cheerful aspect being the best for those companies with under 200 employees. However, while the costs escalate as you add more features, you’ll get the best from Deel by exploiting its power tools and integration appeal.


  • +

    Simple but powerful design

  • +

    Base product is affordable

  • +

    Powerful structure

  • +

    Great templates


  • -

    Adding features raises cost

  • -

    Signing up can be convoluted

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Deel is an extensive package that combines all of the tools that best payroll software offers. It includes a dazzling array of the features and functions businesses need on a daily basis, but also proves really useful for building up a more efficient bigger picture of how your company ticks. If you’ve got employees to hire and subsequently manage, as well as pay, then Deel packs a sizeable punch.

Inside the Deel software suite there are tools for fast and efficient onboarding, functionality that facilitates paying employees, even on a global scale where it’s needed and lots of HR features. In fact, Deel boasts HR functionality that makes light work of handling employees, no matter where they happen to be located.

Adding to the overall appeal is a dependable level of compliance, with Deel proving able to stay on top of any relevant regulations, irrespective of where your business operates. Deel is well-known for its quick and easy setup processes and ongoing administration benefits, making it suitable to companies of all shapes and sizes.


Deel is a payroll software provider (Image credit: Deel)

Deel: Plans and pricing

Impressively, Deel can be used by smaller concerns on a no-fee basis, so if you’ve got 200 employees or under then it seems like a no-brainer. Naturally, if your company has a greater need then it’s time to get a quote from the Deel sales team, which can tailor packages to suit different concerns. 

Contractors can get the benefit of Deel from $49 while EOR employees come in at $599 although this is very much a start figure and can rise, dependant on your requirements. 

Nevertheless, even in its most basic guise, a Deel arrangement will supply you with the likes of payroll tools, payslips, compliance documentation and all of the other documents needed to ensure an employee has all bases covered while doing the same for your business.


Remote Payroll offers a flexible choice of plans but costing is best done by calling the sales department (Image credit: Deel)

Deel: Features

Dip into the suite of Deel features and you’ll find that it is divided into four core areas, with onboarding, payroll and mobility being the main players, conveniently supplemented by Deel HR. A big part of the appeal with Deel is its Employer of Record or EOR service, which streamlines the hiring process for any kind of company.

An added bonus of this setup is that the system works across a wide variety of countries, with upwards of 100 territories included in that list. This expansive collection of countries are also setup so that company HR personnel has access to any relevant visa information pertaining to specific locations. If you’re regularly onboarding staff on a global basis this makes Deel particularly noteworthy.


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In fact, the onboarding part of the HR procedure is wonderfully seamless and can be done over the course of a few hours, just as long as the prospective employee creates a Deel account from their end. With personal details and banking information completed, the process can be wrapped up pretty swiftly and we also like the way there’s plenty of help at hand from Deel support staff en route.

This simple-but-effective approach extends to running payroll too, with over 90 countries catered for and everything localised as needed. This means that Deel can handle country-specific taxes as well as meeting compliance regulations. Again, the other bonus here is Deel provides around the clock support for complex operations like this. The same goes for the mobility aspect of Deel, with lots of tools for simplifying things like Visa applications, which can normally be a drain on administrative resources.

Everything gets topped off with the benefit of Deel HR, which combines lots of different everyday needs, including dealing with contractors and freelancers, to complete the formidable line-up of features. You get an excellent people directory, organizational charts and comprehensive personal profiles from this, allowing HR managers to control every aspect of an employees time at any company.


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Deel: Interface and in-use

One of the aspects of any fully-featured HR and payroll solution that frequently worries staff is just how useable a package it’ll be. Thankfully, Deel has been cleverly designed so that it provides a host of powerful tools within a user-friendly interface that can be managed without fuss using a sizeable selection of dashboard tools. In fact, Deel like many other sensible software packages comes with a look and feel that makes you want to use it, rather than walk away for a coffee.

There’s a fresh, modern workspace with straightforward menu options at the side of the screen. The use of dynamic graphics mid-stage makes the presentation of data much more enjoyable too, while there’s no compromise on performance. It is possible to drill down into sub-menus when that’s needed, but the overall impression the interface leaves is that minimal training would need to be given in order to get someone up to speed with the Deel workspace.


Using Deel is made easier thanks to a great interface (Image credit: Deel)

Deel: Support

You’ll probably love the simplicity of the Deel interface, but this is supplemented by a predictably solid level of support that any kind of company should fairly expect. Anyone signed up for the system will have access to the usual array of contact options, with live chat being an obvious benefit for anyone using Deel that needs to get an instant answer on a query.

Of course, there’s a help hub online too, with sub-sections that give you an overview on the likes of Deel and the bigger picture, insights on specific business needs as well as information for contractors and employees. If you’ve got a less urgent query then there’s the option to send a message, but the fact that someone is covering support 24/7 makes Deel better than some rivals who lack the same consistency.


You'll get the usual level of support options from Deel (Image credit: Deel)

Deel: Security

Just like any other respectable software outfit, Deel has high standards when it comes to security, although this is perhaps best investigated with a demo. However, the company says it is committed to GDPR compliance and uses Okta SSO for single-sign on convenience. Network traffic runs over SSL/HTTPS and is encrypted, while Deel also uses Amazon Web Services for its data storage. Similarly, Deel underlines that its infrastructure is fully SOC2 compliant.


Deel keeps your data secure in a variety of ways (Image credit: Deel)

Deel: The competition

While you’re never far from some tempting names in the payroll and HR software world, there’s no doubt that Deel is stiff competition for many other popular names out there. Take a look at the likes of Rippling, Payworks and Namely as three prime contenders, but also respectable are Paylocity, Personio and Paycom.

Be sure to take a tour of their features and functions before signing on the dotted line with Deel because different software providers may be better suited to individual needs. Sales staff are generally eager to take you through the best bits anyway, so it’s time well spent.


Deel can be integrated with other popular software too (Image credit: Deel)

Deel: Final Verdict

Anyone who wants a well rounded HRMS or human resources management suite will immediately warm to Deel. Central to the appeal is its powerful core features, which includes it’s undeniably potent onboarding, payroll and mobility tools. The way that the software will work across geographical boundaries makes it very useable for companies of all shapes and sizes. 

While the costs will inevitably escalate as your company does, the ease of its integrations and overall performance marks Deel down as one of the stronger players in the payroll and HR software marketplace. It’s very worthy of a demo at the very least.

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