TomTom Go Live Top Gear Edition review

An excellent sat nav - if you can bear Jeremy Clarkson's jokes

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TomTom go live top gear edition

The problem with the TomTom Top Gear Edition isn't actually Jeremy Clarkson's voice, because that can be swapped once you've heard all of his little witticisms, but rather what else you can get for nearly the same cash.

This edition only comes with England and Ireland maps, while spending an extra tenner nets you the whole of Europe if you pick up the TomTom Go Live 825 Europe. This does mean that you have to live without Jeremy Clarkson's charms, although this is a sacrifice only the most ardent Top Gear fanatic could realistically not make.

We liked:

While we wouldn't go as far as saying the core navigation is flawless, the TomTom Go Live Top Gear Edition does do a damn fine impression of it. Routes are intelligent, and are based on more than simply getting you to the nearest motorway or trunk road.

The interface is a delight to use and explore, with the display readable in a variety of lighting conditions. The screen is uncluttered, even when showing a lot of information, and the 3D view makes navigating the more complex junctions straightforward.

We disliked:

Repetition means the few funny lines from Clarkson become less funny pretty quickly. There's not enough variation either. We'd also have liked to have more than Clarkson and Stig's silence as voice options from the Top Gear team.

The Go Live subscription isn't cheap, and while you could argue that it's only really intended for people that drive for a living, it works so well that everyone can benefit from it.

Final verdict

The TomTom Go Live Top Gear Edition isn't the cheapest or the most extensive sat nav money can buy, nor is it the most hilarious, but it does make for a tempting package for the right kind of petrol head.

It's a wonderful device in every other sense, and a formidable navigator, but we can't help thinking that your money would be better spent on a more encompassing model.

And on that bombshell...