Samsung NX20 review

Samsung's top-end CSC gets Wi-Fi

Samsung NX20 review
The NX20 is Samsung's flagship CSC and it's the first to have an articulating screen

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The Samsung NX20 is quite an interesting proposition, since it delivers very good quality images, especially at high ISOs. The combination of Wi-Fi connectivity with the ability to share images direct from the camera is currently unique to Samsung. Since extra value is added to these features by owning compatible Android mobile devices, the true value of this connectivity may not be realised without the appropriate additional hardware.

We liked

The large APS-C CMOS sensor delivers excellent quality images, even at high ISO sensitivities. The camera is ruggedly built with some great features, including the articulated AMOLED screen, Wi-Fi connectivity features, GPS, built-in EVF and Full HD video recording.

We disliked

Reflective materials used to protect the articulated screen and EVF can cause issues composing images in bright conditions. Care may need to be taken to ensure your Android device will work with the Wi-Fi features, especially if this is a major selling point for you, since compatibility isn't guaranteed.

Final verdict

The price is in line with premium cameras from other manufacturers, and the specification is in line with most competitors, even without the addition of Wi-Fi and GPS. Although the features on offer may be enough to tempt advanced photographers away from the current crop of high-end consumer DSLRs, the NX lens range is quite limited, with no lenses wider than 16mm or more telephoto than 200mm currently available.

Overall the Samsung NX20 is a great camera to use, and it is more than capable of delivering great quality images. Although the Wi-Fi connectivity features may grab headlines, the underlying camera is a quality piece of kit that should win over many fans.

The Samsung NX20 offers an exciting feature set, excellent quality at high sensitivities, good ergonomics and features to satisfy the needs of both experienced and novice photographers alike in a compact body.