Samsung PL120 review

You can take easy self-portraits with the front screen, but is that all a camera needs?

Samsung PL120
The screen on the front of the PL120 makes self-portrait images easier

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Samsung pl120

It's important to keep it in perspective that the PL120 is a cheap and cheerful camera because pictures from it are great. They're colourful with balanced exposure and a decent dynamic range. The previously mentioned issue with noise (or the effects of noise reduction) being apparent at low ISO in bright light could pose as a problem, but we found that it was only really noticeable when the picture was magnified to 100%.

We liked

Good colours and sharp edges mean great pictures for the holidaying family while the cheap price means it's easily replaced if it gets broken. The front screen helps to get the kids smiling and is useful with self portraits.

We disliked

We saw some noise at really very ISO settings, but couldn't pin point a pattern when it happened. Some parts of the build are a bit flimsy and the back could be worked better.


For £100, this is a camera that you'll get a lot of use out of, from holidays to updating your profile picture on Facebook. The tiny size means that it'll simply fit into a pocket when it's not being used and the price means if it does get broken, it doesn't cost the earth to replace.

The Samsung PL120 is a camera that can be used by all the family from novice younger users, networking teenagers and proud parents to technophobic grandparents alike. The only problem we can foresee is with people who have larger hands. They probably won't get on with the tiny format or cluttered back. There are a lot of pros to outweigh the cons though.