Samsung PL120 review

You can take easy self-portraits with the front screen, but is that all a camera needs?

Samsung PL120
The screen on the front of the PL120 makes self-portrait images easier

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Samsung pl120

The Samsung PL120 is simple enough for the most novice of users to get to grips with, thanks to the intelligent interface and comfortable layout of buttons. The back does look a bit cluttered by virtue of the amount of space available on the small body.

The small body of the PL120 is light but solid, thanks in part to its metal skeleton. The front casing is plastic and has a glossy finish to allow the screen on the front to blend and be hidden when it's not in use. There's a tiny amount of play in the lens when it's switched on but it's nothing major.

Samsung pl120

The PL120 takes a lithium ion battery which is charged in camera using the charger and cable provided. The cable disconnects from the charging plug revealing a standard USB connector which then connects to the computer for download. The camera will also charge from a computer which is pretty useful if you're travelling or you've simply been caught short and have a computer nearby.

Images are stored on a MicroSD memory card. This type of card is used in Samsung smart phones so if you own one of those, they're interchangeable. The battery door is made of plastic and bends with manipulation.

Although the camera is small and buttons swamp the back, Samsung has managed to lay them out in an order that works. The camera feels good and the screen is bright and clear enough for everyday use, although it does suffer in direct sunlight.

The only real problem we got was our finger slipping over the flash when we were shooting in portrait orientation.