canon ixus 200

The Canon IXUS 200 IS is a great camera. You can all-but forget the touchscreen – it's a nice luxury, but there are other reasons to like it.

It takes great pictures and we're in love with the body – comfortable to hold and reassuringly weighty, it feels like you've got a lot for your money.

We liked:

Image quality is absolutely top-notch, as is the IXUS 200's build.

The touchscreen adds a few extra features, but those willing to spend an afternoon browsing the menu system will find some features that genuinely help take better pictures.

There's also a wide range of face detection features which mean the days of blurry photos from the pub may be numbered.

We didn't like:

For photography buffs, or those who want to learn how to take better pictures without making the leap to a DSLR, the IXUS 200 offers a few compromises.

A proper manual mode would be a real advantage, and there's a definite lack of speed, particularly when it comes to taking pictures of moving objects or sports.

The price is a problem as well – at £275 the IXUS 200 is definitely nudging superzoom or even budget DSLR territory, and while it takes superb pictures, a move to a DSLR will see shots that produce noticeably less noise.


Top stuff. A few more manual features wouldn't go amiss, but we're willing to trade them off for the gorgeous body and excellent pictures.