Sony Bloggie 3D review

Simple 3D camcorder recording, but is it worth the price?

Sony Bloggie 3D
Sony brings 3D capture to the masses (well, the well-off masses)

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Sony bloggie 3d

The Sony Bloggie 3D MHS-FS3 certainly isn't cheap, but then this is a distinctly premium point-and-shoot video recorder. The obvious draw is simple, hassle-free 3D recording and playback, with an easy way to trim and upload the footage.

But it's not just a one-trick, three-dimensional pony; there's a good range of 2D recording options too, including 1080p, so Sony's camcorder ends up as something of an all-rounder.

We liked:

The Bloggie 3D really feels like a premium bit of kit. It's immaculately made and the design is easy to use and light.

The image quality is quite good for this kind of video camera, particularly the colours. Motion is captured well, and detail is strong for the size.

And, of course, there's the 3D recording. The Bloggie is a simple way to record and play 3D footage on your 3D TV, or to import it onto your PC with the included software. You can get it onto YouTube in 3D without ever having to worry about formats.

We disliked:

The Bloggie 3D is definitely expensive. It doesn't necessarily seem pricier than it should be, considering it's features, but there's no doubt that a lot of people will baulk at spending this much on a basic camcorder.

This high price means we do have some qualms about the video quality. As we said, it is good, but you can get better for not a huge increase in price, and with more features, such as the Panasonic HX-WA10. And the fact that one side of the video is of lower quality is disappointing.

There are a few other niggles, though mostly minor: the lack of expandable memory; the somewhat limited battery life; and the narrow 3D viewing angle of the screen.


Whether you want cutting-edge 3D footage for your new TV, or just some good 2D video recording, the Bloggie 3D is a good choice.

There are caveats, such as the fact that you can't expand its memory with SD cards means it may not be the best choice for some holidays, but it's still a strong performer overall.

The main question is price. You can get slightly better-performing 2D cameras for around the same cost, so the 3D recording may be the clincher. You won't be disappointed, though.