Avoxi review

A truly global VoIP solution with advanced security, call quality and countless features.

Avoxi review
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TechRadar Verdict

Avoxi offers advanced VoIP and contact center solutions for businesses of all sizes virtually anywhere in the world.


  • +

    Advanced business solutions for large businesses

  • +

    CODECS Supported: G.729, G.711 (LUAW, ALAW)

  • +

    4.2 global Mean Opinion Score (call quality)

  • +

    Truly global contact center VoIP solution

  • +

    Great support for remote workforces

  • +

    99.995% consistent uptime reliability

  • +

    Free trial available


  • -

    No video conferencing tools

  • -

    SMS ok, but images and video (MMS) not supported

  • -

    No mobile app

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Avoxi offers business VoIP solutions to customers in more than 160 countries across the world. It has been in the business since 2001, and, as our Avoxi review will show, it’s deservedly rated among the best VoIP service providers globally. 

With cloud-based VoIP software in over 170 countries, Avoxi's unified communication services are a great choice for remote teams with flexible-working hours. Not to mention call Avoxi's strong call quality: Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is a measure used to asses telecommunications software call quality, out of a scale of 1 — 5. On global average, Avoxi's VoIP services have an 4.2 MOS score. 

With much to praise and a majority of positive user reviews, we review Avoxi pricing, Avoxi's popular genius software, competitors and the full scope of the Avoxi VoIP offering user experience to help you see if its right for your business.

Avoxi review: Snapshot

Avoxi is a global leader in the VoIP and call center spaces. Its software is designed for everyone from small teams to large contact center organizations, with an excellent range of tools for all. It includes great support for remote workforces with customer care in over 10 languages, and its prices are quite competitive. 

In general, Avoxi is targeted more at larger organizations. It includes a suite of features to streamline daily workflows, including call management tools, a range of software integrations, and excellent reporting and analytics tools. 

When it comes to the alternatives, Avoxi stands out as one of the best options for large operations. Platforms like Ooma Office are a little more suited to small businesses due to their simplicity and ease of use, while Nextiva stands out as a powerful competitor for those looking for large-scale VoIP backed by high-quality video conferencing tools. 

Score: 4/5

Read on for our full and detailed review.

Avoxi competitors

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How does Avoxi compare to its main competitors?
Header Cell - Column 0 AvoxiOoma OfficeNextiva
Pros- Advance business solutions for large businesses - Global contact center VoIP solutions - Great support for remote workforces- Very easy to use and suited to small businesses - Full video calling capabilities - Helpful customer service team- Advanced call management features - High-quality, stable call experience - Innovative collaboration tools
Cons- No video conferencing tools - No mobile app- No software integrations - Some features are expensive- Can be slightly confusing to use - A little expensive for small business
VerdictAvoxi offers advanced VoIP and contact center solutions for businesses of all sizes, virtually anywhere in the world.Ooma Office offers streamlined VoIP solutions for those looking for a basic option, but its base plans lack some advanced features.Nextiva offers a selection of business VoIP solutions with a focus on streamlining communications and providing the features you need.
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Avoxi VoIP key features

Avoxi has been providing leading contact center VoIP solutions for the last two decades, and its offerings are backed by a suite of advanced features. 

Call management tools

All users will benefit from a great selection of built-in call management tools. For starters, Avoxi includes full call-forwarding and call-recording features which can be set up in just minutes. 

There’s support for an IVR auto-attendant, enabling you to brand and streamline call center operations and ensure inbound callers are connected with the correct agents. You can personalize the greeting of your attendant and set up countless call menus without incurring extra cost, with every customer response to your modifications tracked for analytics insight.

Along with this, you can set up voicemail transcription so that all voicemails are sent automatically to your email inbox. Take advantage of the voice API to integrate Avoxi with your current systems, or use the Microsoft Teams direct-routing tools to link your Microsoft account. 

Third-party software integrations

Avoxi supports streamlined integrations with a range of popular third-party platforms, including CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce, helpdesk software such as Zendesk and Freshdesk, and sales automation tools like Pipedrive. There’s also a neat feature that enables you to request integration with other platforms. 

Avoxi VoIP integration partners

(Image credit: Avoxi )

SMS Business Texting

Avoxi's encrypted SMS messaging service is a secure way to quickly alert or remind customers of upcoming product updates and current promotions. The great thing about it is rather than having to reply to individual texts from one shared business phone, Avoxi use a Business Texting model. 

Business Texting allows you to reply to all customer texts directly from a shared email address, no matter where, when or what device you are working on. The only downside is, while SMS messages are fully supported, you're unable to send multimedia (images and videos) content via text.  

Avoxi VoIP highlights

Performance tracking and analytics

All Avoxi users will benefit from a selection of analytics and reporting features. Under the Analytics tab on your main dashboard, you will find numerous reports covering everything from individual agent performance to phone number metrics and global statistics. You can also schedule automatic reports to be developed and delivered at a specified frequency. 

User permission tools

Admin users have the ability to add new users and set clear access permissions. Avoxi makes this easy, and there are a number of preset roles available to select from. 

For example, you can specify that someone is a call center agent, giving them the ability to make and receive calls without full access to the Avoxi interface. You can also specify billing agents, supervisors, inbound agents, and more. 

Global phone numbers

With Avoxi, you can access phone numbers from more than 170 countries across the world. These include mobile, landline, and toll-free options, and you can also set up numbers to send and receive text messages. 

Adding a new phone number to your account is as simple as clicking a few buttons on your main management dashboard. 

Avoxi user dashboard

(Image credit: Avoxi)

Avoxi: What’s new?

Avoxi's awards round up 2021

(Image credit: Avoxi)

Avoxi has been providing high-end call center VoIP solutions since 2021, and its software has had to evolve constantly to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. It has released a new version of its software on a near-weekly basis over the past few years, which is great to see. 

For example, the latest release (2nd November 2021) added Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption for increased security, as well as the ability to filter by time zone in the scheduled reports area. In October 2021, additions included enhanced PCI compliance tools, activity report filtering, and new security control settings. 

Avoxi’s product updates over the past years are too many to list, which is certainly a refreshing issue to have.  Avoxi has been busy innovating in the global call center space and it looks set to continue keeping up with modern technology trends.

Avoxi pricing

Avoxi offers three base subscription options, but the prices for these vary according to the type of number, country, and the number of minutes you require. 


Every Avoxi bundle includes as standard: 

✔ Native cloud platform with International reach and scale

✔ Instant voice services in 170+ countries

✔ 2-way messaging service in US and Canada

✔ User management and rules based access controls across all features

✔ Scale up pricing and packages in application, no long term contracts

✔ Peace of mind with global security layers, encryption and compliance protocols

✔ 24/7/365 Follow the Sun Support with a dedicated engineer support team who actively oversee your account for security and suspicious activity

✔ Because Avoxi works with over 50 Tier-1 carriers, it is also able to closely manage any issues which affect call quality, including packet loss and network congestion

✔ Knowledge base (KB) and online training program

The Launch plan 

This plan includes a selection of basic features, including external call forwarding, call recording, and SIP trunking. Prices start from $4.99/user/month plus $0.059/minute for a zero-minutes plan. More expensive options include a specified number of minutes, with lower per-minute prices if you go over your limit. 

The Contact plan 

Starting from $19.99/user/month, the Contact plans adds unlimited calls, basic software integrations, a real-time monitoring dashboard, and call-tagging tools. 

The Engaged Enterprise plan

The most advanced subscription starts at $39.99/user/month, and has adds advanced tools like queue call back, skills-based call routing, and unlimited call recording storage. Long-term or introductory discounts aren’t available.

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Avoxi’s pricing plans
Plan type/featureLaunchContactEngaged EnterpriseOoma OfficeNextiva
Cost per user per monthFrom $4.99From $19.99From $39.99From $19.95From $30.95
Cost per user per yearFrom $59.88From $239.88From $479.88From $239.40From $287.40
Minimum Users13311
Unlimited Local CallingX
Third-Party Integrations✓ (Basic)✓ (Advanced)✓ (Advanced)X✓ (Basic)
Video ConferencingXXX✓ (With some Plans)

Testing Avoxi

To test Avoxi’s VoIP solutions for our Avoxi.com review, we created an Enterprise account and worked through a number of common processes, including adding new users and creating virtual attendants.

How easy is it to add new users to your Avoxi account?

Adding a new user to your Avoxi team is extremely straightforward and shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes. Simply head to the Users tab on the main dashboard menu and click the Add User button. Enter their name, email, extension, and role, and then hit the confirm button. 

You can also manage roles and role permissions from the Roles tab on the Users page. Adding new roles is a very straightforward process, and there are numerous permission options that you can specify for each role. In theory, you could create a new role profile for every user, and you shouldn’t have any issues with any part of the process.

Adding new user roles on the Avoxi platform

You can specify as many new user roles as required (Image credit: Avoxi)

How easy is it to create a new virtual attendant?

To create a new virtual attendant, you will need to head to the Virtual Attendants tab on the main Avoxi menu. Hit the blue Add button on the right of the screen and follow the prompts to name your new virtual attendant. This should only take you a few minutes. 

There aren’t many setup options initially, but don’t worry. Name your attendant, add a voicemail greeting, and hit save. Then, you will be able to configure every aspect of your attendant, adding intro, menu, timeout, and unavailable prompts. 

Next, you can add specific user input options that specify what should happen when users are prompted to press a specific button. Overall, Avoxi’s virtual attendants are very easy to create, and they perform excellently.

Adding a virtual attendant using the Avoxi platform

Avoxi makes it easy to add new virtual attendants (Image credit: Avoxi)

Alternatives to Avoxi

Avoxi has been working in the VoIP industry for over two decades, and it currently services customers across the world. 

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ooma office logo

(Image credit: Ooma)

Comparing VoIP providers to find the best business phone system for your team? Learn about why Ooma Office has been a longstanding favourite choice of many business owners, and why you should consider it, in our Ooma Office VoIP review before browsing our Best VoIP provider guide

But this experience doesn’t automatically make it the best VoIP service provider, and there are a few alternatives worth considering, especially if you also want video-calling capacity. 

Ooma Office is a popular option for small businesses looking for a streamlined, no-frills VoIP solution. It allows unlimited voice and video calling throughout the USA and Canada, and its plans come with a suite of excellent tools to help you manage business operations. 

Ooma Office is a little expensive, though, with its prices starting at $19.95/user/month. Standout features include the virtual receptionist, advanced security solutions, and excellent 24/7 customer service.

Best small business phone system

(Image credit: Nextiva)

Like Ooma Office, Nextiva is a modern VoIP solution that includes advanced features such as video conferencing, unlimited US and Canadian calls, and incoming call queuing. 

It’s certainly one of the more expensive VoIP solutions we’ve seen, but the included tools mean that it actually offers great value for money. If you’re looking for a powerful VoIP solution for your business that includes video conferencing, Nextiva is certainly worth considering. Read our Nextiva VoIP review to find out why. 

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Avoxi’s features compared to the competition
Header Cell - Column 0 AvoxiOoma OfficeNextiva
Unlimited US CallingWith some plansYesYes
Video ConferencingNoYesWith some plans
Support24/7 phone, email24/7 phone, live chat, email24/7 online ticketing, business-hours phone and live chat
Basic plan$4.99/user/month$19.95/user/month$30.95/user/month

Avoxi: Final verdict

Avoxi hero image

(Image credit: Avoxi)

Avoxi clearly sits among the VoIP industry leaders with its advanced contact center solutions, affordable prices, and great management and efficiency-improving features. Due to the large number of tools on offer, it can become a little confusing to use and is best suited to larger organizations. However, it remains a perfectly viable option for smaller businesses too. 

There are numerous Avoxi subscriptions available. Some come with a set monthly fee and unlimited calls, while others come with a limited number of minutes and a per-minute rate for calls exceeding your limit. There’s also a great free trial that you can use to test the platform. 

As is expected from a high-end VoIP service provider, Avoxi’s solutions are backed by a large range of advanced features. There are numerous call management tools, and you can set up new virtual attendants in no more than a few minutes. 

Streamlined integrations with various other third-party software platforms are available, and all users will benefit from a range of reporting and analytics features. Managing user permissions is very straightforward, and the entire user interface is quite well designed. 

The bottom line: Avoxi stands out as a leading VoIP solution for businesses of all sizes. We’d suggest taking advantage of its free trial and testing it if you’re looking for a reliable VoIP service provider backed by numerous advanced features.

Further reading

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