Samsung UE65JS9500 review

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Samsung UE65JS9500 review
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The 65JS9500 is nothing short of a milestone in TV picture quality. The difference its HDR technology makes to picture quality is immense - more impactful by far, in fact, than the step up from HD to UHD. What's more, while you need native HDR content to see the TV at its absolute cinematic best it still delivers superb results with current sources.

There's no hiding from the fact that native content is currently non-existent while native 4K content, too, continues to be more elusive than it ought to be by now. It's also clear that the vast majority of consumers won't be able to stretch to the 65JS9500's six grand asking price. But none of this ultimately changes the simple fact that Samsung's new flagship TV produces simply the best picture quality I've ever seen.

We liked

HDR pictures look incredible, non-HDR pictures look pretty amazing too, and the new Tizen operating system is a big improvement over Samsung's previous smart TV efforts.

We disliked

Its six grand price tag puts it beyond the reach of most consumers, there's currently no native HDR video content out there to get the best from the TV, and 4K content too is still thinner on the ground than we would have hoped.

Final verdict

Samsung's 2015 flagship TV leverages new brightness and colour technologies to take LCD picture quality to a whole new level - especially once true HDR content starts to roll into town. It's much easier to use than previous Samsung smart TVs too. I just wish more people would be able to afford it.

John Archer
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