Samsung UE40D6530 review

Samsung brings elegance and 2D excellence to the LED mainstream

Samsung UE40D6350
The Samsung UE40D6350 is an exceptional performer with 2D material

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Samsung ue40d6350


The slimness of this TV's cabinet design was always going to present audio problems for the UE40D6530. But Samsung throws a fair amount of digital signal processing at the set to maximise performance and compensate for its lack of natural bass.

The set's audio settings comprise: Standard, Amplify, Music, Movie and Clear Voice. The latter two merely muffle or thin respectively. You can also post process the audio in SRS TruSurround HD for extra width.

The onboard amp is rated at 2 x 15W, which for general viewing is good enough, but you'll certainly need to consider a supplementary audio system at some point.


Priced at little more than a grand, the UE40D6530 can be considered extremely good value. First and foremost this is a well designed flatscreen capable of a cracking 2D high-def image. The level of fine detail in its pictures, and the smooth, cinematic nature of their delivery, is enormously impressive.

Couple this with the UE40D6530's accomplished net connectivity, and its value quickly becomes apparent. Samsung's Smart Hub is rich in content and easy to use. The portal may stumble when it comes to the implementation of social media apps, and its media streaming capabilities are uneven, but that doesn't diminish its general appeal.

The UE40D6530 is perhaps at its least compelling when it comes to 3D; traditional LCD issues with crosstalk rather take the shine of its dimensional talents. Certainly the UE40D6530 is not as convincing as the brand's new Series 7 and 8 screens. Stick to well authored 3D software and you'll still have some fun though.

Ease of use

The user interface of the UE40D6530 is remarkable mainly for the sheer number of options it offers in terms of audio and video parameters. Samsung has done a nice job simplifying what could be a confusing number of menus. When certain parameters are highlighted a secondary box pops up showing all the nested options within – a nice touch. This is allied to an excellent, searchable e-manual.

Perusing the delights of Freeview HD is made easier through the UE40D6530's high-resolution TV guide, which is wide and expansive. There's a live window top left to keep you in touch with your programmes.

The supplied TM1060 remote control is regulation issue Samsung fare, with backlighting. The main D-pad on our sample made a curious hollow clicking sound, but was perfectly functional.

If you misplace the zapper, there are touch-sensitive channel and volume controls to the right hand rear of the screen. When used, a corresponding graphic pops up in the corner of the screen.

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