LG 65EG960T 4K OLED review

LG's 4K OLED is sensational

LG 65EG960T review
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Ins & outs

Just three HDMI 2.0 inputs on the EG960T is a slight cause for concern though elsewhere there are no such shortages.

Joining that trio on an outwards facing side-panel are three USB slots, a headphones jack and a Common Interface slot, while below are feeds for the TV tuners, a Scart, a component/composite video adaptor, an optical digital audio output and an Ethernet LAN slot.

LG 65EG960T rear


The EG960T uses LG's Magic Remote, a Wii remote-style pointer that lets you pick options on the screen rather than navigate through they with your remote's directional pad. The TV's interface is built around this kind of control method, so while you can just use the D-pad to get around, it doesn't feel as natural as just pointing at stuff and pressing 'OK'.

The main pop-up taskbar is a carousel of colourful tabs that starts on the left with a pile of screen-grabs from the live input or current live app that can be flicked through.

This is how you reach Netflix, YouTube, ABC iView, SBS On Demand and other Web OS 2.0 apps. There's also a My Programmes tab that, when pressed, expands to show the last eight TV channels you watched.

LG 65EG960T WebOS 2.0

Click a right-hand tab and it brings up smaller icons for all of those apps plus a few of the TVs internal options, such as live TV, a connected Blu-ray player, LG's Content Store, or whatever you've recently been watching.

You can also use the pointer to switch between content sources. This brings us to one of the TV's only notable faults – we found on a couple of occasions that the TV would get stuck when trying to switch between content sources or apps.

We'd point and click at the Netflix or Blu-ray player tab, and nothing would happen. Turning the TV off and on again fixed the problem immediately (thanks, IT Crowd), though it was a slight annoyance. It's not a deal-breaker, though – the issue is sure to be addressed in a future firmware update.

LG 65EG960T wall-mounted

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