BenQ W5000 review

A fully featured HD projector that never fails to impress

BenQ W5000
Using the Texas Instruments DarkChip 2, the BenQ W5000 has images some projectors would die for

TechRadar Verdict

Not the cheapest option available but one that's very hard to resist nonetheless


  • +

    DarkChip 2 DLP

  • +

    Full 1080p

  • +

    Good contrast


  • -


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The BenQ W5000 has been around for the best part of a year. That makes it a dinosaur in consumer electronics terms.

But rather than being ready for extinction, it's something of an old favourite. Indeed, its stately bearing means it's a couple of hundred quid cheaper than before.

In terms of home cinema sizzle, this is easily the best unit here. The TI DarkChip 2 DLP processor and dynamic iris combine to enable both the best black levels and the most fluent, natural and saturated colours.

Factor in the full 1,080p res and 10,000:1 contrast ratio and you have eye-popping visuals. But is it really three times as good as the Acer you see opposite?

Not even close. But if we could afford it, we'd still find it very hard to resist.


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