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Pure Evoke Flow review

Pure Evoke Flow is the easiest way to take internet radio stations on the move

Pure EVOKE Flow
Pure's Evoke Flow brings thousands of the world's radio stations into your living room

Our Verdict

There's a few niggles, but they can't really spoil an excellent Wi-Fi radio


  • Fantastic station choice, including FM, DAB and internet radio
  • Portable


  • Battery pack costs extra
  • Sound quality not the best

The Pure Evoke Flow has a classic retro design that's reminiscent of portable transistor radios of the '60s and '70s. But despite its carrying handle, it's designed to be plugged into the mains, with an internal battery pack only available as an optional extra (priced at £30).

This was our only niggle, since in all other respects the unit does everything you might expect of a combined FM, DAB and Wi-Fi radio. In seconds we were listening to stations from the four corners of the globe, plus FM and DAB UK stations.

We used Windows Media Player 11 to stream music from a PC, but Pure provides dedicated music server software at

Audio quality is fine for casual listening, but it isn't hi-fi quality. This is to be expected for DAB and Wi-Fi radio because of compression. However, the relatively small speaker doesn't help matters. You can connect it to a hi-fi system via the stereo output, but this undoes the Evoke's portability.

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