Teufel Concept C 200 USB review

Teufel's PC speakers are a bit too serious for the sound

Teufel Concept C 200 USB
You might want to buy some speaker cable and tools to connect the Teufel Concept C 200 together

TechRadar Verdict

The design and features of these speakers is very nice indeed but the sound is slightly underwhelming for the money


  • +

    Nice design

  • +

    USB interface


  • -

    No speaker cable supplied

  • -

    Sound could be better

  • -


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Teufel is a German performance speaker company that builds systems of varying sizes and specifications. Its Concept C 200 2.1 USB speaker system is designed to plug into your laptop and enhance your audio experience.

The system comprises of a large subwoofer, two satellite speakers and one desktop controller. The satellite speakers are fashioned from a high-quality dark plastic and feature grey material diaphragm covers. They are each mounted on plastic stands – which feel and look a little cheap – but are unobtrusive in size and will fit in most desk spaces.

The subwoofer – again built from a smart dark plastic – is a large unit, and some might find it hard to fit it under their desk, or between the two satellite speakers, as advised in the instructions. It features a smart, glowing standby button, which you can alter from red to blue.

The desktop controller is a comfortably sized unit attached to the subwoofer, enabling you to tweak the volume and bass and also power the system down.

While the instructions are generally clear, setting up wasn't made easy by the fact that the speaker cable isn't included in the package. Instead, you have to buy it separately, cut it down to size, splice it and then attach all the various parts of the system. This alone might be enough to deter first-time buyers or novices.

Once connected to our laptop, we found the speakers produced a fairly average sound. While the large subwoofer provides impressive bass, we found mid and high-level frequencies lacked definition. Even when turned up to its maximum settings, however, the sound never distorted, and the system is at home playing a broad variety of music, from classical to hip-hop and dance.

Overall, we were slightly under-whelmed by this system. The sound is acceptable, but we expect a little more for £179. Add to that the set-up issues and there are better – and more competitively priced – systems available.