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Quadraspire QX-600L review

Fuss-free and unique Hi-Fi furniture for the style-conscious

Quadraspire QX-600L
The Perspex pieces have been carefully designed so that they help in steadying the assembly on soft floorings

Our Verdict

There's no doubt that form precedes function here, but sound is very decent and makes a case for hi-fi looking, as well as sounding, beautiful!


  • Unique styling
  • Almost coloration free
  • Easy to set up


  • High price

The Quadraspire QX-600L is very much flat-pack furniture for the terrified - each stand consists of just two pieces of laser-cut Perspex that slot together.

No tools, no fasteners, no fuss, just a pair of strategically placed grippers that hold the assembly together.

The result is both gorgeous and practical, though it's not anything like as rigid as more conventional rival stands.

High-fashion furniture

The Perspex pieces have been carefully designed so that they give sort-of spikes at top and bottom corners, not exactly carpet-piercing, but certainly helpful in steadying the assembly on soft floorings.

If the price seems high for what's on offer, do reflect that, first, Perspex is expensive stuff and, second, completely neglecting the hi-fi aspect for a moment, you can pay a lot more for high-fashion furniture (which this arguably is) for less utility!

As for sound, it's not as extended or crisp in the bass as some of the other stands, nor is it as well defined in the midrange. But, it's almost entirely free of added colorations, which is something to be grateful for and it has a pleasing lightness and clear, bell-like treble that nicely complements the kind of smart, upmarket, mid-size speaker that's likely to be put on this stand (a larger version is also available for £320).

The stands can be placed either x- or +-ways under the speaker, though soundwise we didn't have a preference.