Virgin Media O2 wants to help customers work out if they're overpaying for their phone

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Virgin Media O2 wants to help UK customers with their phone bills with a new expense calculator tool that can help customers determine whether or not they’re overpaying for a phone. 

If they indeed end up realizing that they could strike a better deal with their telecommunications provider, the tool can provide some guidance and suggestions for the next steps.

For a little while now, Virgin Media O2 has been vocal in its opinion that other communications operators in the country aren’t fully transparent when it comes to smartphone plans and monthly expenses. Most operators offer plans that include buying a smartphone and splitting the cost into 12, or 24 monthly payments. When the customers go through this period and basically pay the full price of the device, their monthly bill should be reduced. Virgin Media O2, however, claims that doesn’t always happen and that many consumers end up overpaying for their devices.

Negotiating a deal

Now, to better protect consumers, the company released a calculator in which users only need to input basic information. That includes who their mobile provider is, what their current device is, how much they’re paying for the service on a monthly basis and the date they signed the contract. If there’s anything wrong with the contract, the tool can offer possible remedies, which might include even negotiating a new deal, or switching to a different provider. 

Virgin Media O2 says UK’s consumers overpay for their smartphones by roughly £530 million per year.

“Now, armed with our new easy-to-use overpayment calculator, we’re putting clear information into consumers' hands, helping demystify bundled contracts and exposing just how costly they can be if no action is taken,” said Gareth Turpin, CCO at VMO2.

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