This has to be the most absurd portable power station ever launched — Asus's Mjolnir throws the hammer at rivals with innovative design that's likely to divide opinions

Rog Mjolnir
(Image credit: Asus)

They say there's a fine line between genius and madness, and if you're curious about what sits at the intersection of these two spheres, look no further than the upcoming portable power station from ASUS.

When the company first made hints about this project on April 1, many were quick to dismiss it as an April fool’s joke, including us. Even now that the company has confirmed the project's legitimacy, many are still skeptical, thinking the Rog Mjolnir might just be a well-crafted joke from ASUS' marketing department. 

Named after the powerful hammer wielded by Thor in the famous Marvel comics and movies, the Rog Mjolnir is not your typical portable power station. It looks more like a piece of heavy-duty equipment used for tasks like demolition and tile removal.

Definitely not for yeeting

The image released by ASUS shows a hammer-shaped power station equipped with four power outlets and four USB ports - two Type A and two Type C. The image suggests the handle could also serve a purpose, apart from carrying the device around, such as a potential light source. The device would be well-suited for outdoor use, perhaps camping.

There isn't much more information available about this unique power station yet. However, an interesting clue suggests it might feature solar charging capabilities. The company teased, "Harness the energy of the sun to charge your devices. Illuminate your path with the lightning summoned from it". 

ASUS plans to reveal more about the Rog Mjolnir at the Computex 2024 event.

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