The best MacBook Pro cases for 2023: protect your investment

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You've made a significant investment with that beautiful MacBook Pro in front of you, whether it's brand new or an older model. It is important to keep it safe and protected, so you might want to consider investing in one of the best MacBook Pro cases available.

Laptops are not built to withstand accidental falls compared to mobile devices like iPhones. For this reason, it is crucial to safeguard your valuable MacBook Pro by using a highly-rated protective case.

Before purchasing a MacBook Pro case, it's essential to consider the vast selection available and choose one best suited for your needs.

We have compiled a guide with several promising options to assist you in your search. These options include laptop sleeves and covers, messenger bags and backpacks, business-style bags, handbags and totes, and organizers. 

Our team has extensively tested and evaluated numerous MacBook cases. Although some of the products on our list of the best MacBook cases have not been experimented with in our labs, we can confidently recommend them. We have considered our experts' experience and opinions, online reviews, the brand's reputation, and the product's capabilities and unique features.

When selecting a case for your MacBook Pro, it's essential to verify that it's the right size for your model. Apple's MacBook Pro is currently available in 13-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch sizes. The options listed below are usually available in each size, but it's always best to double-check before buying.

The best MacBook Pro cases 2023

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Best sleeves and covers

The best sleeves and covers for MacBook Pro are straightforward. These tend to be the ones that are used every day, either in your home or to work and back again. Sleeves are designed to protect your laptop when it's not in use, while covers stay on the machine 24/7, even during use. Sleeves and covers are typically, but not always, the least expensive type of MacBook Pro case.  

Best messenger bags and backpacks

A messenger bag is a stylish and practical accessory that is worn over the shoulder with a long strap that goes across the body. It features a flap to close the bag and is typically made of durable materials such as canvas or leather. Backpacks, on the other hand, are a versatile option that provides ample storage space with a variety of pockets both inside and outside the bag. They are typically made of high-quality materials like canvas or similar materials to ensure long-lasting use.

Best business-style bags

Business-style bags remain a relevant choice, even though their popularity may have decreased slightly. These bags boast a classic and sturdy design that is not overly embellished. Despite their simplicity, they are highly functional and appropriate for numerous occasions, including professional settings and making a good impression on potential employers or clients. 

Best handbags and totes

When it comes to buying a handbag or tote for your MacBook Pro, style is often the main consideration. These accessories usually have ample space for personal items like cosmetics and makeup. Moreover, they come in different sizes, materials, and designs, providing a wide range of choices. Totes are generally a type of handbag with an open top, and they are often crafted from leather or canvas. They are versatile and suitable for various purposes.

There are many styles of MacBook Pro cases available to suit different preferences and budgets. These cases are designed to enhance the protection of your laptop and even make it look more attractive. The options range from trendy tots to traditional backpacks, and the selection can be overwhelming. To avoid returning a case that doesn't fit your MacBook Pro, double-check its compatibility before making a purchase and starting the process all over again.

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