Google Password Manager can now be shared amongst a whole family

Google Password Manager
(Image credit: Google)

The Google Password Manager will now let users share their credentials with the rest of their family, as part of a drive to improve its Family Link parental control app.

Accounts that are part of the same family group can share usernames and passwords with each other, with Google giving scenarios of when this may be needed, such as when a parent wants to see their child's school assignments.

Other features coming to Family Link include the ability to manage parental control options directly from Google's search engine page, when the user inputs certain phrases, such as "parental controls."

New features for families

This will show an information box at the top of the search results, listing the accounts they have in their Family Link and the ability to adjust their settings. 

SafeSearch settings will also be easier to adjust, as they'll be directly accessible on certain search results pages, allowing users to toggle the blurring and filtering of content, for example.

The new sharing ability in the company's password manager has no exact release date yet, with Google simply stating it will be available "soon."

The tech giant also announced partnerships with the Sesame Workshop and Highlights Magazine, two educational resources for children. Overall, it will be providing $20m to "support work that promotes digital wellbeing, mental health and online safety for kids of all ages."

In the coming months, it also plans to partner with the Boys & Girls Club of America to host interactive events, based on resources from both Highlights and Be Internet Awesome.

The Sesame Workshop will also be launching new resources over the next year, aimed at fostering "digital wellbeing and [helping] children and families implement strategies for healthy, productive use of digital media and AI." These will include videos featuring the Muppets from Sesame Street.


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