NordVPN is launching its own eSIM to help keep you safe abroad

Saily eSIM by Nord Security
(Image credit: Nord Security/Saily)

In response to the escalating demands of global travel and remote work, which are considered to be cybersecurity weak spots for many companies, the parent company of top business VPN service NordVPN has revealed a new global eSIM service called Saily.

Nord Security says that being able to have on-the-go access to the Internet without having to rely on public networks could have a positive impact on privacy and security.

The product, which will have an early access beta launch in Q1 2024, will be followed later this year by a supporting app.

Nord Security launches new eSIM

The company’s head of product strategy, Vykintas Maknickas, said: “With travel and remote work on the rise, an eSIM app is now more crucial than ever.” Maknickas indicated that an eSIM can save users time and money.

Using the eSIM will allow travellers to access local networks, helping to reduce roaming costs associated with using foreign network SIMs. Saily allows users to buy short- and long-term plans.

A NordSec spokesperson told TechRadar Pro in an email that Saily hopes to provide services in 200+ countries, and that networks are being looked at in order to provider coverage in all regions.

Maknickas added: “Even if there’s a coffee shop nearby with an open Wi-Fi network, you don’t want to risk exposing your device to a network you’re not sure is secure.”

Besides the security benefits, carrying around your own network connection will eliminate the need to connect to public Wi-Fi networks altogether (subject to data allowances), which can be a far more convenient solution for most travellers.

Moreover, Saily aims to simplify the process of finding affordable data plans by offering a centralized, single platform where customers can pick from “hundreds of countries and dozens of plans.”

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