Many bosses say they hired employees they've never met since the pandemic

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A staggering number of companies have hired new workers without ever meeting them in the flesh, according to a new report by Expereo.

The study of more than 650 global CIOs found that nearly one in three (32%) bosses “had no choice but to hire someone they have never met in person” as the world went digital in the months and years following the pandemic.

Digital hiring looks to be just part of a much larger trend of hybrid working that could be here to stay, despite many companies looking to reintroduce office-based working.

Remote work also means remote hiring

Two in five (43%) said that having a hybrid or remote working policy has allowed them to hire from a wider pool of talent, including those who simply couldn’t otherwise get to the office on the basis of unreasonable travel times.

Almost as many (38%) CIOs said that their workforce now spans more than just one country as a result.

Although a mass return-to-office has been trending this year, around half (48%) of CIOs are in agreement that flexible working is the key driver in talent acquisition and retention.

Around three-quarters (72%) of businesses now have workers in for a maximum of three days per week, allowing them to work remotely for at least two.

Even so, the CIO participants were not without criticism of remote working, with many raising concerns about productivity and connectivity at home, and many reckon the preference for home working could be nothing more than a response to the rising cost of living.

Speaking about the “complexities and challenges” involved with supporting a global workforce, Expereo Chief Revenue Officer, Ben Elms, said:

“The key is having the technology in place that enables connectivity and collaboration in a remote world. In the end, hybrid working is all about staying connected, and enabling interaction with colleagues and customers - wherever you are in the world.”

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