Dive into the detail with this LG 27-inch business monitor - now less than $150

Looking for a top-notch business display? Right now, you can get the LG 27MP400-B 27 Inch business monitor for $130 on Amazon

LG is famous for having fantastic display panels in all areas where it supplies screens, and its best business monitors are no exception. They are reliable, consistent, high-quality, and great for any use case. While this monitor may be better, most people do not need high-resolution, professional-level displays. For most business users, full HD at 1920 x 1080 is all they need, so a great monitor at a great price is well worth it, even with full HD resolution.

Today's best LG 27MP400-B deal

Get the LG 27MP400-B 27 Inch monitor for just $130 at Amazon

Get the LG 27MP400-B 27 Inch monitor for just $130 at Amazon
We're big fans of LG screens, and at under $150, this business monitor is a steal. The 27-inch display and near-borderless design offers a broad, 1080p canvas for office-based tasks. It even includes some fantastic extra features that make the monitor a versatile bit of kit for the price. 

The LG 27MP400-B monitor blends business functionality and minimalistic style. Its 27-inch Full HD IPS display delivers bright, vivid colors and sharp details. Its near-borderless design takes advantage of as much of the 27-inch diameter of screen real estate as possible, making it ideal for multi-monitor setups, minimizing the unusable gap between two screens. With a 5ms response time and 75Hz refresh rate, this monitor provides smooth performance for professional business use and more admin tasks alike. LG has included additional features like Reader Mode and OnScreen Control to enhance the overall user experience and eye comfort, making it an excellent choice for extended use.

What makes this monitor so great is its versatility and simplicity. Monitors have gotten incredible over the years. They are now so powerful, great features, high resolutions, and more. However, sometimes, especially for basic business use, you don't need the best of the best of the best when it comes to looking at excel sheets, web browsing, or email. Sometimes, you need a simple HD display. In that case, this one is lovely. It has VESA Mounting screws on the back for ease of mounting; it has HDMI and VGA, a simple power port, and nothing else—no frills, nothing too flashy, just a simple monitor at a fantastic price.

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