Bosses believe AI is helping their workers — but how true is that really?

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New research has revealed an apparently positive consensus among businesses surrounding the use of AI, indicating the technology could begin to show an impact for many in the latter half of 2024.

The study from Zendesk found nearly four in five IT and HR leaders believe AI has significantly improved employees’ quality of work already, with a similar number (84%) reporting a positive ROI from employee experience tech in the past year.

However, while the benefits of AI are often talked about, the report also detailed the importance of implementing data-centric approaches for businesses to get the most out of AI.

Is AI helpful in the workplace?

Zendesk Chief Information Officer Craig Flower believes that businesses should now be asking themselves how they can leverage AI to be most effective, rather than when it may become effective.

The study report reveals three key trends driving what it calls the intelligent employee experience era, beginning with an AI-augmented workforce. Four in five (81%) employee experience leaders now see AI as essential in boosting workers’ ability to tackle complex tasks.

Flower added: “We're entering a new era where AI doesn't replace human effort but elevates it, creating workplaces that are more intelligent and empathetic.”

Zendesk also highlighted the transition away from universal, one-size-fits-all solutions toward more flexible and personalized approaches. Chief People and Diversity Officer Caroline Jessen commented: “[AI] is actively redefining our workplace to be more supportive and efficient for every team member no matter where they are.”

The final, and arguably most important factor to consider is a data-driven strategy. Zendesk affirmed the growing demand for clear metrics in order to help leaders optimize performance and employee satisfaction.

Despite the overall positive outlook from leaders, the true impact of AI on everyday work life remains a complex story that depends on a balance of multiple factors, but the report does at least serve a similar message to other studies on the effectiveness of AI – a solid foundation is vital to delivering measurable outcomes.

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