Many businesses aren't helping their workers get to grips with AI

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Despite the clear productivity benefits of using AI tools in the workplace, a study by LinkedIn has revealed that fewer than half (44%) of businesses across the UK are actively aiding their employees with AI literacy.

LinkedIn’s findings underscore the growing need for companies to prioritize skills development, with desirable and required skills set to shift by 51% between 2016 and 2030, thanks to the rise of generative AI.

Furthermore, seven in 10 managers anticipate a widening skills gap in the next five years, emphasizing the urgency for upskilling opportunities.

AI upskilling

Despite the apparent lack of current AI support, the report found many UK professionals are eager to enhance their skills, with around two-thirds (65%) believing that AI proficiency will contribute to career progression.

Keen to jump on the bandwagon, LinkedIn hopes that by launching new AI learning courses, career development features, and insights, it can help close the worsening skills gap.

LinkedIn VP and UK Country Manager Janine Chamberlin stressed the need for a proactive approach: “Companies cannot afford to be slow on upskilling if they are to capture the opportunities presented by AI and succeed in an ever-changing world of work.”

Chamberlin touched on some of the reasons why companies may want to spend on their training efforts: “Upskilling employees on hard and soft skills will not only help companies to become more agile, but also improve retention and make it easier for people to pivot into new careers within the organisation.”

As part of its announcement, LinkedIn will offer 250 free courses globally until April 5, covering various AI-related topics.

The social networking platform has also unveiled tweaks that will help candidates find internal recruiting opportunities in order to demonstrate, and benefit from, their new skills.

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