Adobe just made its Firefly AI art generator a lot more accessible

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Adobe Firefly has gone global with new support for text-to-image prompts in over 100 languages. But there’s a slight catch: right now it’s only available in the web service version.

Building on the new language options, Adobe also confirmed plans to localize the service with over 20 languages. French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese versions are now available. 

The news comes as the company revealed over a billion assets have been created in Firefly online and in Photoshop. A feat Adobe said makes them two of Adobe’s most successful beta releases in its history. 

Addressing accessibility

If text-to-image AI prompts have a drawback, it’s the language barrier. And that's not ideal in the age of hyper-personalization and localization. By improving the language support, Adobe is making a conscious effort to expand accessibility of the service. 

It means content creators, designers, marketing teams and businesses across the world will now be able to generate images and text effects in their preferred language, regardless of experience . Adobe believes this will “streamline workflows and improve productivity.” 

“We’ve been amazed at how creators have been using Firefly to create more than a billion gorgeous images and text effects making it one of Adobe’s most successful betas ever in just over three months. Today’s announcement is about making Firefly accessible to more people in their preferred languages, so they can continue to leverage our unique model to bring their imagination to life, and create the highest quality assets that are safe for commercial use,” said Ely Greenfield, CTO of Digital Media at Adobe. 

It was only a matter of time before the AI art generator went truly international. After its launch in March, the tool has been solidly backed by Adobe, integrating it across its graphic design software suite of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Express. The company has since unveiled an Enterprise version, promising businesses “commercially safe” AI assets.  

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