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HP Officejet 150 Mobile

Portable printing, scanning and photocopying

HP Officejet 150 Mobile review
The portable HP Officejet 150 Mobile printer

The HP Officejet 150 Mobile portable printer, scanner and photocopier brings the mobile office one step closer. At last, you can take your multi-function device on the road with your notebook. It's not quite light and portable enough to drop into your everyday bag, but it fits nicely in your suitcase.

We liked

It's an incredible piece of engineering, with outstanding build quality and an excellent use of space. Print quality is very good, although not quite up to the standards of a desktop Officejet. You can power it from the mains or the supplied rechargeable battery, and it connects through Bluetooth or USB.

We disliked

The HP Officejet 150 Mobile is expensive to buy, and costs more than average to run. Scanning quality is a mixed bag; it's serviceable, but not up to the same standards as the print quality. It's not the speediest of printers either. Text-print speeds are acceptable for a mobile device, but photo printing speeds are slow.

Final verdict

HP's Officejet 150 Mobile All-in-One portable printer is a useful device for the business traveller or researcher who spends a lot of time away from home or the office.

Due to its high running costs and lack of networking connectivity, it's best used as a supplement to rather than a replacement for your regular MFD, but if you often find yourself in a hotel room wishing you had a printer and scanner with you, it's definitely worth your consideration.