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Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse review

A plain looking gaming mouse but one that has a lot of tech packed inside

Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse
It may not look like a high-performance mouse but the G700 clocks 5,700dpi for true twitch gaming


  • 5,700dpi
  • Super smooth feet
  • Decent selection of buttons


  • Battery life indicator

A gaming mouse must be comfortable, responsive, glide easily and have a few decent programmable buttons. A wireless gaming mouse needs to do all this with minimum installation fuss and no lag.

A great wireless gaming mouse needs to do all this for less (or at least no more) than the rest, and look rather eye-catching too.

Logitech's G700 is a rough and ready wireless gaming mouse trapped in a meek and mild man's body. Its unassuming black silhouette doesn't scream gaming performance, but the polytetrafluoroethylene feet glide over desktops and mouse mats like a buttered greyhound over ice.

Even more impressively, its 'gaming grade' sensor clocks 5,700 dpi – that's higher than even Razer's top of the line (and pricier) rodents.

The most significant issue with this otherwise fantastic peripheral though, is the battery life indicator. Three LEDs inform you of full, medium and low battery levels through a traffic light-type system.

The problem is, full and medium whizz by and 'low' will display for an entire day's use without any noticeable performance drop. We're not talking about a fuel indicator on a car here: it's a niggle rather than a product ruiner.

Even with this and smaller niggles, the G700 is a fantastic deal at £60, and should be snapped up. You could always Tippex on some tribal design if you don't like plain black…

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