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LinkedIn reaches 10 million members in the UK

LinkedIn reaches 10 million members in the UK
Four out of five are on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has revealed that UK members now top 10 million, with four out of five business professionals now on the business social network.

The social network with more than 175 million members worldwide, has seen a dramatic rise in the last five years eclipsing long-standing local competition such as the Xing, Ecademy and Viadeo and to mark the reaching the 10 million member figure, the network has revealed some quirky facts.

If you were assuming that LinkedIn was home to just business leaders with MBAs then you'd be very much mistaken. Aside from the 406,850 LinkedIn members describing themselves as company directors, and the 533,641 who describe themselves as business owners there are an enormous amount of other professions represented, including; over 18,750 professional who have vet as their profession, 2,545 farmers, 50,496 teachers, 2,447 beauticians, 815 poets, 479 magicians and 103 sailors.

This wide mix is also reflected in the companies that feature on LinkedIn. As you would expect for the largest employer in the UK the NHS dominates the companies represented on LinkedIn with more than 50,000 employees on the network, the second most represented business is RBS with 20,000+ employees, closely followed by BT and HSBC with under 20,000.

LinkedIn has also tried to shatter the myth that its UK users are all Southern, the top five member hotspots in the UK are;

  1. London
  2. Birmingham
  3. Reading
  4. Edinburgh
  5. Manchester

"Reaching 10 million members in the UK shows that skilled workers believe our community is vital to their careers," said Ariel Eckstein, LinkedIn European Managing Director. "Every day, our members are adding information to their profiles, sharing important views and insights, connecting to one another, building their networks and getting access to a world of potential contacts, business partners, investors, employers and employees."