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Watch Elon Musk play the most boring Xbox game ever

Elon Musk is having quite the week. First he appears on the Joe Rogan podcast, smokes a joint and sees stocks in his company Tesla crash 6%. Now his Boring Company is revealing just how much fun it has digging those transport tunnels.

In the clip below, you can see one of the Boring Company's three tunnel diggers being controlled by an Xbox One X controller. "Best video game ever" is its caption:

The Boring Company plans to dig underground tunnels to improve traffic flows around America's congested highways. The Xbox controller used here is one method being employed to save workers from having to manually reposition the boring equipment every-time adjustments need to be made.

Game on

It's not certain why an Xbox controller was chosen over a Sony DualShock or Nintendo Joy-Con, but its native PC support may have something to do with it.

The clip above shows the equipment being used in Hawthorne, where Musk's crews are currently digging down into the ground.

Musk also recently put a request out to developers over Twitter, looking for people to help make "super fun games" for in-car Tesla entertainment systems.