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Next Flip camera to get Wi-Fi

Flip getting some Wi-Fi
Flip getting some Wi-Fi

Cisco, the owners of Pure Digital, has announced that an updated Flip camera will be released next year sporting Wi-Fi.

The Flip camera has been a revelation in the video-recording market, bringing the idea of filmmaking to the YouTube generation.

Its success can be seen in the imitators it's spawned – Sony PM1 and Creative Vado – but the real contender to knock the mini-cam from its perch is Apple's iPhone 3GS with its video capabilities and portability.

The idea you will be able to transfer footage without logging into a computer will mean that the Flip will have the edge even over Apple.

Wi-Fi on-board

Cisco bought Pure Digital earlier this year and now the acquisition makes some sense as it is the company behind the Wi-Fi tech that's being integrated.

There's not much else known about the camera other than it will sport a large sliding screen which will hide the recording functions of the camera.

Expect this Wi-Fi toting iteration of the Flip to have a release date of early 2010.

Via Pocket-lint