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Optus frees the Spotify streams for prepaid fiends

Optus frees the Spotify streams for prepaid fiends

Are you an Optus prepaid customer? Well, you’re in luck – the telco has announced that from May 2, new and existing customers will be able to stream Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, Guvera and iHeartRadio without any of it counting towards your data allowance.

Unfortunately, Optus doesn’t have any current plans to bring this offer to its postpaid customers, as the telco’s internal research found that “streamers tend to be younger and more attracted to prepaid plans,” with around “43% of Optus’ prepaid customers saying they spend between 2 and 3 hours a day listening to music.”

Hear that, old-timers? Looks like you’ll have to keep ‘getting jiggy with it’ on your Walkmans and gramophones for the time being (if you can even still hear them, you fossils).

Jokes aside, data-free streaming is surely a major coup for the telco, as data usage is typically a huge barrier for entry when it comes to streaming music on the fly.

While this offer is likely to inspire hordes of millennials to switch over to Optus prepaid, we sure hope us grownups who’ve moved on to postpaid mobile plans eventually get a similar deal to take part in.