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Sony Ericsson's Rachael Xperia X3 'properly' leaked

Sony Ericsson's Rachael pops up on Expansys
Sony Ericsson's Rachael pops up on Expansys

Sony Ericsson's much-rumoured Rachael Xperia X3 Android handset has moved a giant step closer to reality after pictures and specs of the phone were leaked by Expansys.

If Sony Ericsson was going to have a renaissance, it would be with a phone like this, given the super-heavyweight specs.

We're talking a high-res WVGA four inch touchscreen (eat your heart out TG01), 10mbps HSDPA for blindingly quick internet on the move, and 8.1MP camera with flash.

There's also a 3.5mm jack, aGPS, Wi-Fi, microSD (High Capacity) expansion AND 3D graphics on board, according to the online retailer.

And that's before we even get to Android, which it seems Sony Ericsson has skinned to the hilt to match the new version seen on the Satio. Of course, it could just be the Android rumours aren't true... but that would surely shatter the illusion.

We're very, very excited about this new super-thin phone, as it would easily jump to the head of the Android pack (should Sony E get all the other, you know, phone bits right).

Xperia X2 outed Xtoo

And in clearly-very-related news, Mobile Bulgaria has published shots of the forthcoming (looooong forthcoming) Xperia X2 next to its X1 brother.

Sony ericsson xperia x2

It's still the same as previously rumoured – ie thinner, sleeker and a bigger keypad, but we can't help feeling the style is still something that might have popped up in The Fresh Prince of Belair.

Of course, it has a raft of changes under the hood (including a whizz-bang processor and apparently Windows Mobile 6.5) but we've been waiting so long for confirmation we need to actually hear some info from Sony Ericsson now.

Via BGR and Engadget