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Sony Ericsson 'improves battery life' of Satio and Aino

Satio - panic over, it's all fixed now
Satio - panic over, it's all fixed now

Sony Ericsson has contacted us to let us know that there's an update available for the Satio and Aino available, although no mention has been made about the reported problems forcing the devices off shop shelves.

Both the Aino and the Satio, flagship devices for the firm and the subject of a grand marketing campaign, have been at the centre of negative rumours in recent weeks, with reports that the software on both is causing the phones to crash.

Statement of intent

The situation was apparently so dire that some outlets like the Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U actually withdrew certain models from their shelves, but apparently all is well in the world again according to Sony Ericsson:

"Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland is pleased to confirm that new software is now available for both Satio and Aino via This will allow consumers who have already purchased the devices to easily update their handset and benefit from improved handset speeds and battery usage.

"We can confirm this updated software has been approved by UK operators and fixes previous software issues."

Back on the shelves

Phones 4U also confirmed that it was happy with the news, as it now plans to get the allegedly borked handsets back on its shelves:

Phones 4U are pleased to confirm that all Sony Ericsson Satio stock has been flashed with new software and recommenced trading on 4 December," said Scott Hooton, Phones 4U trading director.

"Sales of the Satio were strong over the weekend and we're confident that the device will continue to perform strongly throughout the Christmas trading period."