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Nokia E6 finally goes on sale in UK

Nokia E6 pops up for sale on UK site
Nokia E6 pops up for sale on UK site

UPDATE: Looks like a snafu on the part of the Nokia server, with the E6 apparently not available for sale yet.

Nokia got in contact with TechRadar and gave us the following statement:

"The Nokia E6 showing as available from the Nokia Online Shop is due to a technical matter which we are working to correct immediately. We will provide more information about the availability of this smartphone soon."

According to the UK Nokia website, the Nokia E6 is available for £349, and is listed as being 'in stock' - but it looks like you should disregard this now.

The Nokia X7 is still unavailable on our fair shores, with the handset being listed as costing £399 but not being available until the end of June.

Odd colours

Nokia has decided to spoil potential customers by offering a choice of three colours for the E6, although it's only boring old black, silver and white on offer - we'll rename them 'Lock Me In The Cellar And Feed Me Pins Black', 'You Shouldn't Get Anything For Second Place Silver' and 'There's Nothing Pretentious About A Flat White'.

The Nokia E7 is available Stateside though, with a price of $535.95, so we're assuming this is a staggered launch for the UK. We so wish it had been the Nokia X7 first though.

The E6 and X7 are both running the new Symbian Anna update, which brings new widgets, better home screen scrolling and an improved internet browser, so we're looking forward to bringing you our Nokia E6 review and Nokia X7 review as soon as our little fingers can type.

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