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HTC Hero sequel - Legend - pretty much certain

HTC Legend pictured - AGAIN
HTC Legend pictured - AGAIN

HTC's follow up to the successful Hero handset - the HTC Legend - has been pictured again, with the launch of the device surely imminent.

The HTC Legend has a very similar 'lipped' chassis as the Hero, with the trackball replaced by and optical trackpad. It's also likely to be running the latest Android 2.1 version of the OS as well.

We're hoping that HTC is going to work its optimisation magic on this model, as the specs aren't as exciting as some we've been treated to recently, such as the Bravo.

Up the OLED

The HTC Legend will have a 3.2-inch HVGA OLED capacitive touchscreen (nice) as well as a 600MHz Qualcomm processor - which isn't as headline grabbing as the likes of its 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

But the Hero only packed a 528MHz processor, and for the most part that whizzed along, so there's still a great amount of hope for the HTC Legend.

A 1300mAh battery should hopefully be enough to make sure this phone doesn't die as soon as you turn it on - which is always handy.

We're looking forward to inevitably seeing this at Mobile World Congress, and you can expect another in-depth hands on as soon as it's released.

Via Engadget