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HTC Hero launch date changed?

The HTC Hero - we still can't wait
The HTC Hero - we still can't wait

After Amazon reported the HTC Hero would be delivered on 15 July, it appears that date will now be around six to nine days later.

According to online retailer Cleverkit the HTC Hero will cost around £435 from 21 July, but Amazon, which first had the phone for pre-order, reckons it will be around 24 July for £429.

Of course, the main information of when it can be bought from either Orange or T-Mobile (the official carriers) has yet to be released, with the coming soon screens the only information.

Free as a bird

However, at least you'll be able to get the HTC Hero for free on both networks, albeit with a slightly longer contract than some might like.

And don't forget, T-Mobile isn't calling it the HTC Hero - it's the G2 Touch (formerly the G1 Touch... don't ask).

Bringing the new Sense UI, the phone has been dubbed the 'Twitterphone' by a number of the wider media, but it basically adds a new dimension to Android.

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Techradar will move heaven and earth to bring the full review of the new HTC Hero, but for now, you can content yourself with our in-depth hands on and gallery of the new phone.

Via T3 and Cleverkit