More than half of Americans have tried generative AI already

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Mre than one in two Americans have already tried generative AI in the past year in the hope that it could improve productivity and creativity in their personal lives, new research from Adobe has found.

The company's study found oer half (53%) had given the technology a go, however only 30% had used GenAI in the workplace compared with 81% in their personal lives.

Testament to artificial intelligence’s potential to impact lives, two in five (41%) now claim to use GenAI daily.

You can’t escape from generative AI

The survey of 3,000 consumers illustrates of generative AI’s widespread use as well as the acceptance and enthusiasm for a relatively new technology – before the public preview launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, few consumers had ever heard of generative AI let alone tried an AI application.

However, despite the technology’s capability to process huge amounts of data reasonably quickly, only 17% of the survey’s participants admitted to using it within education, suggesting that users could be more inquisitive than reliant.

Delving deeper into specific tasks, brainstorming (64%), creating first drafts of written content (44%), creating visuals or presentations (36%), trying an alternative to search (32%), summarizing written text (31%), creating images or art (29%), and creating programming code (21%) emerged as some key use cases for generative AI.

Four in five (82%) also hope that GenAI can improve their creativity, despite almost as many (72%) believing that it would never match a human’s creativity.

Looking ahead, consumers anticipate generative AI helping them with learning a new skill (43%), making price comparison and shopping easier (36%), accessing better customer support from companies (33%), creating social media content (18%), and coding (14%). The study also noted GenAI’s impacts on retail and ecommerce.

On the whole, generative AI is transitioning from a novelty to a productivity and experience enhancer as companies worldwide look to implement the technology across endless sectors.

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