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iTunes subscription service on the way?

iTunes subscription service? Maybe soon.
iTunes subscription service? Maybe soon.

The Apple rumour mill is churning away this week (again), with vague suggestions flying around about a possible iTunes annual subscription service on the way, and retailers clearly holding out for the relativelyexpected September launch of a new line of iPod models.

MacRumors, MacDailyNews and

The Unofficial Apple Weblog

have all received an anonymous tip-off that a $129 a year iTunes subscription scheme might be joining Apple's existing MobileMe service.

iTunes Unlimited

The mystery informer calls the service "iTunes Unlimited", and says it'll offer 50% of content from the US store at launch in October, and will cost $129.99 as a stand-alone package or $179.99 in addition to MobileMe.

Bear in mind that no equivalent European or UK figures have been revealed in terms of either costing or launch date.

As for the expected iPod redesign, Apple has released something new every September for the past three years, so it stands to reasonit should this year too. To that end, reports CNet, Apple's global stock of current iPods is running down as stores await the inevitable, while Wall Street analysts are expecting a product in the form of a double capacity iPod Shuffle.