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Free Wi-Fi goes live at 32 more London Underground stations

Wi-Fi goes live at 32 more London Underground stations
38 stations in total now have free Wi-Fi - for now at least

A total of 38 stations on the London Underground now have active, free Wi-Fi on the platforms and station areas, TfL has announced.

The Virgin Media-sponsored initiative, which aims to bring mobile connectivity to the city's deepest pedestrianised locations, comes in time for the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games next month.

Six stations were originally given access when the service began its roll-out a couple of weeks ago, and now 32 more have been added with another 46 to come this summer.

Among the stations now joining the initial landmark locations like Oxford Circus and Leicester Square are several others in the centre of the capital and those en route to the Olympic Village in Stafford.

'Under construction'

TfL has released a map (PDF) detailing which stations now have active Wi-Fi connectivity and those 'under construction' to use the correct nomenclature in this particular instance.

The service will be free until the end of the summer (didn't that happen in March?), but Virgin Media will begin charging later this year.

By the time the roll-out is complete before the end of 2012, 120 stations will have Wi-Fi access throughout building.

Via: Zdnet