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Nintendo DSi sells 92,000 in opening weekend

Nintendo DSi proves popular with the UK public
Nintendo DSi proves popular with the UK public

Nintendo's second iteration of its DS handheld, the DSi, has surpassed all expectations and sold 92,000 units over its opening weekend.

This puts the handheld into fourth place in the 'biggest UK console launch' stakes, right behind PS3, PSP and Wii.

DSi shop

One more statistic for all the number-crunchers out there – the DSi manage to outsell all of the other consoles on the market combined when it went on sale last week, according to analysts Chart Track.

The DSi is an update of the Nintendo DS, which was launched back in 2004. New features include a dual camera function and access to the DSi shop, where games and apps can be bought.

The DSi launch was backed by some heavy-duty advertising and this is set to continue with Beyonce Knowles and Nicole Kidman recently signed up to appear in promos for the handheld in the US.


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